How UBER-ised distribution can completely change the face of your distribution business?

How UBER-ised distribution can completely change the face of your distribution business

Uber-like platforms in logistics demonstrates that a new era in logistics is becoming a reality. Competitive real-time pricing, ultimate market transparency, and exceptional convenience enabled by rapidly emerging technology that links demand and supply in Logistics in an unprecedented way, provides the next level of efficient savings. The benefits are too large to be ignored to wait any longer for companies to start rethink their logistics strategy and operations. Here are 3 direct advantages of starting an on-demand delivery business:

Operational Visibility :

Operational Visibility

With emerging technologies, there is unprecedented visibility in today’s operations, especially in the on-demand delivery space. The real time tracking capability of the customer’s and the delivery agent’s geo location, has brought in increased transparency thus making repeated follow up calls to the delivery agent, a thing of the past. The added advantage that is brought about is increased customer satisfaction as the customer is kept up to date about the status of his delivery. This further improves customer retention.

Deviations and Notifications :

Deviations and Notifications

Let’s say a company has around 50 trucks that deliver goods/services everyday. Out of these usually about 40 of them will be delivering on time. Traditionally, a significant chunk of work done by a distribution department will be in tracking these 40 orders that will be delivered on-time. But an intelligent way to address this issue would be to have human intervention only for the delayed 10 trucks. This is where an AI based system can come handy in autonomously tracking the 40 trips while giving out notifications to the employees only in the case of contingency plans for the delayed 10 trips Thus, implementing an on-demand delivery solution could potentially change the face of your business offering unseen advantages as seen above, by leveraging today’s disruptive technologies.

Optimization :


On-demand delivery requires efficient orchestration of the distribution/supply-chain workflow. This opens up doors to improved route optimization and route planning through AI enabled algorithms that can lead up to 60% reduction in the planning time and up to 15 % reduction in distribution costs, due to optimization of the fleet